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Learning Lessons


I've heard somewhere before, 'You will keep receiving the same lesson until you have learned the lesson'. Not certain if it was in church, whether I interpreted this saying from scripture, or was told by a friend or elder, but, it's beginning to make sense to me now. During the past few years I have learned many lessons, I have evolved and involved myself more with my personal development and growth, not anyone else. But I still haven't learned how to fully listen to my inner voice. I still haven't learned how to recognize, or maybe I should say, heed the red flags. So, with that being said, I had to re-learn a lesson, or should I say, I am learning another lesson concerning the same issue that showed up previously the past few years. Lessons are needed for many reasons. Lessons build character; strengthen your faith and your self-esteem, lessons, to put it simply, help you grow as a person. It’s definitely a freeing feeling when you’re open and honest with yourself and others. When you share your concerns, especially when it’s done with calmness, peace, love and joy in your heart. I think that too many of us don't tell others how we feel, and it hinders our growth. We make some attempt at masking and ignoring our feelings, just for them to resurface anyway, so why not get it out. I, know, it sounds simple right. We compromise to a fault, I know I have. I have compromised my beliefs at times, my heart, my happiness, and my morals. For the sake of any good relationship, compromise is a healthy mechanism of change and growth. But not when you compromise to a fault. I'll be the first to admit my issues, especially now at 34 I recognize where I need improvement, where I need to bend a little more and what my issues are when it comes to sharing my world with another. The areas I refuse to compromise in are the areas of respect and common courtesy, as I see them and how I define them in my life, which may be very different from your definition. Today, I ask you to heed the red flags that are present in your world, listen to your inner voice, and become open and honest with yourself. It’s a liberating feeling. So smile and accept your lesson today and don't have any guilt or second thoughts about a tough decision that may need to be made out of your lesson learned. Change what needs to be changed and keep evolving. We must stop depending on our "feelings", stop being ruled by our condition, our state of mind, and exhibit that will and determination that we are all born with. Peace and blessings, Shamina

"You will keep receiving the same lesson until you have learned the lesson"


Breathe LoveIt’s amazing something so peaceful and surreal can walk into your life so unexpectedly and you flow with it like a crisp Spring Breeze It’s amazing how you have no worries or fears and everything around you and within you simply tells you to breathe It was not like a whirlwind, there was no confusion I was brought to shore I’m sure It wasn’t all physical, it wasn’t sexual at all It was so spiritual and mental my ancestors begin to sing inside of me B-R-E-A-T-H-E L-O-V-E

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