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You know, I think I can safely say, we all wish we didn't encounter certain storms along our beautiful journey through this place called life. Life means living, which indicates growth. In order to grow, things must be planted, watered, often times rooted, re-potted, simply cared for and tended to. There are also times where some things simply die and pass away.

Last year I was given three plants, two of which were attached with notes, "If you kill this I can make you famous", and the other "You have just received God's gift". I must admit, I in no way have a green thumb, but all three plants are alive and doing pretty well. One, and African Begonia, I love it, I don't have to do much to it, simply water it every once in a while, turn the pot and make sure it sits in my dining room window where it is kissed by the sun daily. The other is a Peace Lilly, I had to add more soil to it and pay special attention to it this past weekend as it was dying, and I saw that it was dying, but yet, alive. I had seen that it was struggling the past few weeks, but I didn't feel like bothering with it, but on yesterday I did, and it made me feel good. I felt good because I made a conscious decision, putting forth energies that I didn't necessarily want to because I didn't feel like it, but at the same time I didn't want it to die. The third plant I don't know the name of, but I gave it some special attention also. I realized it needed water a bit more soil to cover up some of the exposed root, so I cared for it. I took the time to care for these plants this past weekend in a way that I hadn't before, because I care. I recently purchased “Wild at Home” by Hilton Carter to help me understand more in depth about caring for plants

We are not given a road map to this thing called life. We aren't given the secrets to the success of surviving it, living it to the fullest, but what we have been given are guides, mentors, many people who thrive producing self-help literature. Tori Player created a beautiful “Love Yourself: 30 Affirmation Card Deck” that I am in love with and reference often.

We are given our minds, miraculous and beautiful, full of many thoughts. We must care for our minds, exercising it, controlling what we allow to enter it. We must pluck weeds from time to time, we must accept new information and let old information die, at times, we must make room for it to grow and gain new knowledge and experiences. Especially when we think we don't care, especially when we want to be selfish and not regard anyone else's feelings before we speak or act.

As imperfect beings, we always want to think that our way is the right way, that our way of thinking is the best, but we are often proven wrong, because we are not perfect. We plan and set things in motion, just to be reminded that the course can change at any given time. I am learning that if there was one way to think, one way to act, one way to do, God would have given us all our own little state or continent and He would not have given us companionship and relationship. He would not have created the woman with a womb to create life.

We are all here to work together, to grow together, to nurture and help one another grow, love, laugh, cry, assist, co-exist. Why, because we cannot do it alone, we cannot grow without caring for another individual. We cannot grow without accepting that there must be change in order to do so. WE must continue to evolve and be involved positively with what's going on around us. We can not be afraid, ashamed of sharing our past experiences if we know it'll help another person.

Everyone has been given their share of storms, their share of demons to conquer and overcome, their share of horrible, "why the hell is this happening to me" experiences, their share of loss. Some of us are still dealing and battling with some of our demons. The good thing is, we have survived. But in surviving, I pray that we are learning, growing, listening and nurturing our spirits. Stop taking for granted common care and concern for others wants, needs and feelings. Start watering the seeds around you, watering the plants in front of you, adding fresh soil to some of the plants you have started taking for granted so that your garden can grow positively, reciprocating the same for you.

Peace and blessings,



I’m sitting, listening to the sounds around me

Sitting still and peaceful like an owl watching out for his night’s prey

Sitting still, thinking, of all my wants and wishes, some of which I thought I had let slip away

The quiet, the peace, its music to my ears…almost virgin as I use to fear the total peace and quite of my innermost thoughts

Connecting with my soul and binding up all negative thoughts

Some of which were hidden fears, silent cries and tears

Others of conquer, conquest and making a difference in another’s life

Closing my eyes, breathing deep, with every inhale speaking “Be still” and with every exhale “Know that I am God”

There are so many wonders, so many treasures hidden in a day, just take a moment to be still, listen, and enjoy the night turning into day

Read to an elder that has lost his sight, have a conversation with a mother who's 93 and gain some insight

Help a kid with homework whose parents are overworked and underpaid, whose not home in time to play mother/father and maid

Take clothes to the women’s shelter and share a word of conquering and overcoming a situation that has a young lady dismayed

Sit still, hear your thoughts and dreams and bring them into fruition with full pride and self-esteem

What’s most rewarding about sitting still is the fact that you have tomorrow to do it all again

©Shamina N. Williams 2020

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