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It's amazing what can manifest when people are perfectly honest with themselves. When one can truly and honestly face their hurts, failures, disappointments, fears and most of all, their anger. We all get angry, have been unforgiving, and we have all held on to past hurts for far too long. It appears that after listening to many friends this past month, I hear and sense restoration in all of their voices and spirits. I sense a feeling of acceptance with certain things that have plagued them, including myself. Anger is very powerful and can be very destructive. We all try to act as if we are cooler than a fan, nothing gets us angry, we don't hold grudges, etc., but I beg to differ. Here, I thought I was past my anger concerning a certain situation. But I quickly realized, as I allowed acceptance to FINALLY take place and bitterness to be erased,...this is when I started to actually move past my anger, allowing things to unfold as they should have long ago. Putting aside ego, pride and differences. For me, I like to think, in every situation, that I always make the right decisions for me and my family, quality decisions. I like to think that at every turn, my actions are warranted and justified. Well, I also hate to admit when I am wrong or when I've made poor decisions. But, in doing so, I again, have learned so much more about me, and what it really means to forgive and let go, and be free. So I found myself letting go of pride and sorrow and admitting that I was wrong for a thing or two, actually apologizing and saying that I was truly sorry for my actions. Its definitely true, when you whole heartedly forgive and let go of whatever negative feelings you may be holding onto, you truly and honestly free yourself and open doors that you never imagined could be re-opened. So, today, I beg you to truly forgive someone who you haven't, let go and get on with it!!! Living that is (SMILE). Peace and blessings, Shamina

"We all get angry, have been unforgiving, and we have all held on to past hurts for far too long."

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