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Black Business Month

I wanted to take the time to talk about a few Black-owned brands and purchases I’ve made as we bring National Black Business Month to a close️.

1. I Love The Doux - I located this brand via Instagram and instantly fell in love with the presentation of the products. Maya Smith, one of the owners (and husband Brian Smith @ouidoux), also has a very informative YouTube channel discussing the uses of the products, and her enthusiasm instantly had me hooked. The videos also do a great job of demonstrating how the products work on different hair types and she further educates her subscribers on hair porosity and product build-up. I purchased the Swag Goo (edge control), Bonita Afro Balm (texture cream), Good Day Finishing Cream (which is a non-greasy hair grease, which smells like vanilla frosting), We Want Easy (texture tamer) One Love Co-wash (also smells amazing) and the Mousse Def (texture foam). Now, Maya, will tell you that you don’t need her entire product line, and you don’t, I just didn’t know which products I really wanted.

I must say, my favorites are the Mousse Def and the Co-wash. I was unable to achieve, what I consider, a true wash and go until I tried Mousse Def. The co-wash, also smells delightful, but I love how it moisturizes my hair, especially after I take down a protective style, and it’s a great detangler also! The swag goo didn't do the greatest job and keeping my edges slick, but that was just my experience. The Doux also has quite a few other products that I haven't mentioned here, but give the site a look. But I most certainly stand by the Mouse Def and One Love co-wash.

2. Savoir Faire Eau De Parfum by Mr. Chris Classic - Last year Chris packaged all three of his fragrances in a sample bundle and they all smelled amazing. I loved the burlap sack that they came in and he included a discount code for a full-size bottle of one of the fragrances. Chris’ scents are powerful in that, a little goes a long way and lasts well beyond 24hrs. His scents actually remind me of a Replica scent, By The Fireplace. I, personally feel, the scents are more winter/fall. My fav is Beau Noir. I only wished that he included jus a tiny bit more of fragrance in each sample bottle. The Savoir faire line was also featured in Essence Holiday Gift Guide guide last year.

3. Brush with the Best The Original Felicia Leatherwood Brush. Everyone is looking for a great detangling brush, especially us naturals, right. And evvvvverybody seems to be marketing one at present, but I personally know, they are not as well made as this one! I fell in love with this brush after trying many that simply did not do the trick, especially on my little ones' head. Whatever this thing is made of, it is magnificent. It doesn’t easily bend, it doesn’t catch the hair like a lot of other brushes I’ve tried, and it only takes a few strokes each, of a section, to completely detangle my little one's head, and that’s major!

There are tons of Black-owned products out there, and truly amazing ones. It is important to support our own. The Black dollar and Black voice are powerful. And as a collective, we, Black people, can show white America just how serious we are about being treated fairly and equal, beginning with how and where we choose to spend our money!

Below are a few other brands I've been supporting and I hope you follow suit!

Carob Cocoa Plant-Based Moisturizer

LIQables LipGloss

Life Lines Professional Services, LLC - Creative Writing Classes for Healing

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