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Healing Thru The Pen! Writing Therapy Services to Help one Cope with Trauma, Triggers, and Clarifying Your Thoughts to better Manage Everyday Life

Life Lines 


Originally from Chester, PA, I am a mother, self-taught poet and anti-domestic violence and sexual assault volunteer. I began writing at the age of 10 because I was afraid to use my voice to express the issues I found myself facing at an early age which included both sexual assault and domestic violence. Poetry became my out; my way of coping and it also became a love. Over the years I’ve shared snippets of my poetry with strangers, friends, and family but my friends encouraged me to write a book and share my stories with others. I thought my work was for me and no one else, but I now know I’m meant to share it with the world in hopes to help others cope with very intimate and difficult situations.


How I Can Help You?

Life Lines Professional Services, LLC, we are here to assist you on your journey of healing from traumatic experiences. I've developed a curriculum for group and individual sessions to assist you in your healing process, meeting you exactly where you are, without judgment or expectation and providing you with tools to use for a lifetime.

How?  (5) Writing sessions up to (60-90) minutes long that help you clarify your thoughts...explore the full range of your emotions...deep dive into your traumas that still to plague you..identify + manage triggers by assessing tools that work for you.

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